My puny stash

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Oct 27, 2005
Not even close too some of you guys but im getting there. I think it's time too get a new camera also, I couldnt get a clear picture too save my life.  -  - And the scenery out my back yard.  -
It's always nice to see another nut like me with an oil stash. Just to add to the thread, here's mine. It is also puny. The oil extractor is also shown.  -
That's the BMW "High Performance Synthetic" 5w-30. I believe it's actually called Castol TXT Softec 5w-30 when it's not in the BMW bottle.
Groucho, I love that heater. 100,000 BTU's. My garage needs something like 35,000 to heat, so it's no trouble to bring things to tropical in short order! Makes a big difference in a Canadian winter.
The wheel gap is a wierd illusion. It doesn't look that bad in real life. This car has the sport package which lowers it .7". I'm not sure what's going on in that picture, but you're not the first to comment on the wheel gap (front I presume).
Oh-h-h-h, I thought this said "My 'pony' stash." Now, that would be a horse of a different color...
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