My oil plan for a Mazda 1.8

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May 9, 2004
Bay City, MI
so ive been reading BISTOG for the better part of a year now, just now registered to participate! I just bought a 91 Escort GT, mazda 1.8 DOHC. car has 155k miles, runs like it was driven off the lot yesterday, no leaks, no oil consumption, perfect. I have no clue what the maintenance was like before i bought it. so what i want to do is maybe run some 0w30, or 30wt mobil dino oil as a sort of rinse and then change the oil and filter again in 1000 miles and use M1 0w40. sound like a good plan to you guys? thanks- jason
My dad has a 93's Escort GT that he's had since 20,000 miles or so, now at 140,000. It used random brand name dino , typically Quaker State or Pennzoil with a cheap champion labs filter until about 100,000, then I got the oil bug...and it has been on 10W30 Mobil 1 ever since. It really seemed to like that oil, though it hasn't had an oil analysis to prove it [Frown] Oil consuption dropped from a 1qt/2000 to 1qt/5000, and just a better overall feel. I don't see anything wrong with your 0w40 plan, but suspect that 10W30 would be just as good, at least in moderate temps. If you have any 1.8 Escort questions let me know...I've learned some maintenance stuff the hard way:-)
Just use 5W30 or 10W30 Dino.Don't be surprised if you get leaks with a synthetic oil,especially if your not familiar with the cars history.
My sister bought a 95 Escort GT brand new, and after two years I took it over and kept it another two. For it's entire life I did the oil changes, and used nothing but Mobil 1 5w30, changed every 5000 miles. When I traded it for my wife's 2000 Civic, it had 50k on it and ran like new, not burning any oil between changes either.
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