My new Chemical Romance - Free All

Sep 20, 2014
Seattle-ish, WA
I bought this can of Free-All several (5?) years ago on sale, barely used it since. My cans of Kroil all went bad/didn't spray, and yesterday I was trying to take out this downstream Oxygen Sensor for, um, ah, hmm, umm, - let's just say "off road purposes."

None of my wrenches could get the right angle so I sprayed the Free-All over it liberally, and belayed the task until I could get a better, dedicated 02 socket and a torch on it today. When I did, 26 hours later, I discovered it was less than finger tight. I got a socket on it and it spun freely before I even put the bar or ratchet into the socket. Amazing. I am almost certain the 02 sensor on this car was original, there for 20+ years, and I had put over 100 ft/lbs of torque on it the day before without moving it. Impressive results.

My new chemical romance.

free all 2.jpg

free all.jpg
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someone I know bought some for a job I’m helping out with. It smells to holy hell but it works well for what it is.