My 2020 C43- Six weeks In...

Jul 21, 2002
After 6 weeks I'm still loving the C43. the only minor gripes I have are that you can't permanently disable stop/start and the fact that the seats have no backrest width adjustment; I wish the car either had the AMG Sport seats or the adjustable side bolsters as found on BMW sport seats.
A few random observations:
I definitely prefer the COMAND 5.5 interface over BMW's iDrive 7.0; the Nick O'Leary YT channel has also helped quite a bit to get me up to speed on the various features.
The touch pads on the left and right steering wheel spokes are really convenient and allow you to make a lot of adjustments without taking your hands off the wheel.
Un-buffered engine oil and ATF temperature readings- why can't Munich offer that? And the ability to configure the digital IP is light-years ahead of anything Munich currently offers.
I can't understand why any AMG has a 133 mph speed limiter; 155 mph should be the minimum top speed. If my car hadn't been delimited to 155 mph I would have passed on it. The M340i and M440i run to 155 mph without having to pay extra for the higher top speed.
Why isn't the AMG Performance exhaust standard? It is just too much fun. The pops and burbles actually turn heads when I fire the car up. It sure beats the fake motor sound BMW pumps through the audio system.
The car is averaging maybe 1-2 mpg less than the M235i, but I could not care less.
The LED Intelligent Light System is phenomenal. I'm checking into re-coding it to European standards.
The ride handling compromise is spot on. I can't see how any serious enthusiast could complain about the ride in comfort mode- or Sport mode for that matter.
My son and I will be taking the car to the local 1/8 mile drag strip this spring; that should be fun.
I'm glad I bought a W205 and got the Biturbo V6 instead of the four cylinder, but that's just me.
I've owned 12 BMWs since 1983 and I have to say the C43 feels much more performance oriented than the M340i and M240i that I also considered. I can't imagine any other sport sedan in the same price range I would rather have- even considering I had to go into witness protection due to the ire of the members of the BMW CCA...