MSDS On Diesel Fuel Additives

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Jun 20, 2005
Tornado Alley
Thinking a bit about what exactly I am pouring into my fuel tank... Really kinda scary after reading alot of MSDS sheets on diesel fuel additives... I was reading one today on a diesel fuel additive that basically only stated 3 components. 1...Light Naphthenic Hydrotreated Distillates= A Light Solvent 2...Alkyl Nitrates= A Cetane Improver 3...Organic Solvent= After doing some looking this component does not give me a warm fuzzy feeling adding it to my fuel... #1= 70-80% #2= Proprietary-{Whatever that means}. #3=10% Anyone have any more info on organic solvents in diesel fuel additives? Or what this particular component is? I have looked over and read over and over many diesel additive MSDS sheets and really the only ones I feel comfortable adding to my fuel tank are Redline-Stanadyne-Amsoil...
I forgot to add--> I totally trust Lube Controls FP60... I have talked to Jeff many times about their products. I have used FP60 for the last 8yrs with nothing but stellar results... I find sometimes forget to order more and have to purchase diesel fuel additives from local stores... The FP60 mainly gets used in the wives and sons autos... I was just curious if others actually take a look at the MSDS sheets of the additives that they poor into their diesel fuel tanks? These products by no means are created equal... I know the MSDS do not totally show the actual components within the additive... Quite a few companies find a way to hide their so called secret component or components... I was just curious if you just go by word of mouth and pour in what others have talked about? Or do you actually do research to find out like myself what your actually pouring in your expensive diesel engine? I myself want to spend my hard earned money on a product that actually benefits the fuel system as well as the motor... I know the fuel additive business is a very high profit business and many products never seem to practice what they preach...
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