Mr Clean Magic Eraser for headlight oxidation?

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Dec 30, 2006
Has anyone ever used a Mr Clean Magic Eraser to remove moderate plastic headlight oxidation? What were the results?
Never used them before but there just another abrasive product you could use to clean headlights. I would try something you may have on hand first. Toothpaste or 2000 grit sandpaper may work.
Those erasers are amazing! They work on everything else, why not give them a try?
They are like a sponge material you won`t feel any abrasive on them.We use them at work to get stubborn marks off wall and other things. They doe a great job.I would not hesitate to try one on a headlight.
I can't see them working, personally, but I'd like to be proven wrong. I use them occasionally on certains things like my snowmobile seat that gets black/dirt marks from my snowsuit on it. I know if you go aggressively with them, you can do some damage on more sensitive/softer type materials/things, so maybe they will do something to headlights, who knows? shrug
I’m curious why so many people are averse to using headlight/plastic specific products on their headlights? Toothpaste, metal polish, paint polish, magic eraser, etc. The basic 3M Headlight Restoration kit is on Amazon for $11 with free shipping (Prime). A bottle of brand-name plastic polish is another $7 and will maintain your initial restoration for many years. Seems like a lot of wasted time and effort with inferior products.
I've been using "Blue magic" headlight polish and sealant along with a wool or foam 3in pad on my drill for YEARS. Works amazing. I'm with E365. Lots of good products for low prices. Don't fix what ain't broke.
toothpaste or off(deet) works just fine. Pair the bug spray with an old holey sock for a free(basically) headlight repair experience
Rubbing compound actually works better than toothpaste. It is much easier to remove as well.
They should help, I am not sure to what extent though. They are abrasive, thats how they clean so well.
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They should help, I am not sure to what extent though. They are abrasive, thats how they clean so well.
The deet will slightly melt the plastic.. removing the oxidized layer.. its much more of a hack method. The 40% stuff is pretty good although they all work. I accidentally melted a Columbia fishing hat once with the 100% deet fishing in Canada. (have now switched to picardin based) I would never use it on someones pristine classic but a 20 year old rusty beater.. no issue there.
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