Motorcraft FL 2062 cartridge

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It looks great after 8K miles.
Nice surprise. I did change oil halfway through, so only 4000 on the oil but the filter was there the whole run.
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Looks good. What engine uses this oil filter ?
The 2.7EB, 3.0EB, and the 5.2L in the GT350 after a certain build date.
Who makes that filter. It looks great! Here is my Mopar filter out of my 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL 3.6, after 2k miles. It looks good. The twist in the pleats is there even when new. I don't care much for that, though, even though it is normal and doesn't appear to effect performance. Even the cheapest Fram Extra Guard has straight pleats when new. (I haven't seen a Fram after an OCI.) I've got a Fram Ultra Guard in there now.
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My Mopar filters never look that way going in or coming out
Mine either. I lube the little O-ring on the bottom end of the filter before installing it. I think what happens sometimes is people forget to lube that O-Ring, and only lube the big O-ring on the housing cap. Then when they turn the cap into the housing to seal in the filter, the smaller O-ring binds and twists the media.
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I lube o-ring also could be it
I doubt lubing it would the problem, if anything my bet is it would help prevent it, as I mentioned above. Maybe something else is causing it, but at the end of the OCI if the media isn't torn I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.
Doing before and after shots on the cartridge type of filters is a great idea. Thanks to the OP for the post...that filter looks like you just dipped it in oil. Nice to see them holding up so well.
Mine looked the same at it's first OC, 2.7L EB at 4,000 miles. FoMoCo filter cartridge seems to be of good quality too, although I think the media is thinner than other brands. I'll stick with the oem filters while it's under warranty however to minimize any hassle I might have if it goes in for warranty work.
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