Motor Oils Cool Your Engine

Not the big end rod and crankshaft journal bearings. The rods are too long to transfer much if any heat from combustion into the rod bearings. All the heat generated in the rod big end and crankshaft journal bearings is simply from the oil shearing in the hydrodynamic wedge.

I'd like to see test data from those experiments ... would be interesting, and I'd venture to say the oil would heat up more than most would think just from the friction and oil shearing from the engine "running" without combustion.

You will have to wait until his next reincarnation before you see any test data.
New Braunfels
I always pause when I read folks suggesting to buy a Redline 20 because it’s almost as thick as a 30 …
If I was sitting on that fence … think I’d just head for Walmart and pick a Dexos 5w30 synthesized oil …
Yeah I find them absolutely interchangeable in my vehicles.