Mossberg 500A

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Jun 24, 2004
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I have a basic field model 500A, 18-1/2" cylinder bore barrel, that runs great. Shoots whatever I run through it. It's never used for hunting, but for shooting recreational clay and for home defense. Fortunately, its second use has never come to fruition, but that's what it's for. It's got the standard wood/fake wood forend, standard wood stock, and single bead front sight. Basic 500A that you can buy from Walmart or Sports Authority or wherever else. It's probably 15 years old now.

I'd like to spruce it up. I'd like to replace the furniture with black synthetic. The smooth wood forend isn't all that "tacky" with wet or sweaty hands. I'd also like to have a light on it and possibly some inexpensive-but-improved sights (like some fiber optics). I'm not into scopes on shotguns. I can find the sights fairly easily, but I'm curious about the others.

1. I understand that barrels interchanged within the 500 series; do all 500 series forends interchange as well? I've seen some designed for all, and some say they're for the 590/590A1.
2. I've seen forends integrated with lights, but they're quite expensive. I've also seen lights that ride side saddle next to the barrel. Anyone have any recommendations here?
3. Not specific to the 500A here, but does anyone have a favorite shotgun sling and a carrier system for extra rounds?
#3. As far as slings go I love the Vtac sling on my rifle and shotguns. When it comes to security the saddle mount on the receiver is my choice for easy access and the ability to reload without taking the barrel off the target.

#2. The Elzetta barrel mount for flashlights is good, but it will change the weight distribution of the shotgun. If you get a barrel mount make sure that it has independent set screws for the barrel and flashlight.

#1. You can get a stock set with a for-end that has picatinny rails on it that expands your light choices greatly.
Barrels interchange, but you have to stick with a barrel that has the same capacity due to the way it mounts to the magazine tube.
I use the Elzetta flashlight mount on my Remington 870P. It is high value, and good quality. For flashlights, I have the Elzetta Bravo mounted on one gun (super nice, but expensive) and the Malkoff Devices MD2 mounted on another (best $99 flashlight in the world, period)

Also, the CDM gear flashlight mount is fantastic too and not too expensive.

As far as the wood, that is more cosmetic than anything else. I really like a wood stocked fighting shotgun. If it was me I would just add a side saddle for extra ammo and a flashlight

As far as a sling, I'm not a big fan of one on a home defense gun, just my opinion.

Mesa tactical makes some of the nicest side saddles to hold extra ammunition.

Elzetta shotgun flashlight mount

CDM Mod C shotgun mount
A Maverick 88(sub-line of Mossberg) comes with a black synthetic stock(w/recoil pad) & forend. They normally sell here at Academy Sports for under $200, in your choice of 18.5" cyl bore or 28" vent rib interchangeable choke hunting barrel. I believe the barrels are interchangeable with your Mossberg 500. The Maverick has the safety button on the trigger guard. That's my preference, but it may not be yours.

Still- you could buy a Maverick w/hunting bbl, swap bbls w/the Mossberg, & have a black synthetic riot gun, plus a wood-stocked hunting shotgun.
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Still- you could buy a Maverick w/hunting bbl, swap bbls w/the Mossberg, & have a black synthetic riot gun, plus a wood-stocked hunting shotgun.

Interesting idea. I actually DO prefer the tang safety of the 500. I've shot both the Mossberg 500 and the Remington 870 and I prefer the ergonomics of the 500, so that's the platform that I'd like to stick with. I haven't shot a Maverick, but I generally dislike trigger group mounted "sideways safeties" that the Maverick and the 870 both have.

The more I think about it, the more interested I am in simply buying another 500, and setting one up for skeet/recreation (with a longer choke barrel, polished wood furniture, etc) and setting one up for home defense with all black synthetic furniture.

Bubbatime, thank you for the links and the pics. I like those flashlight mounts much better than some of the ones I've seen. I saw a YouTube last night where a guy screwed a rail to his forend. I'm sure it worked, but didn't look very elegant.
If you put a pistol grip stock on your gun, then I actually prefer the crossbolt safety(maverick, Remington, Winchester) to the tang safety(mossy 500). Pistol grip stocks make disengaging a tang safety more or a chore. Now on a traditional stock, I find the tang safety better and it is more ambidextrous for the lefties out there.
I do not have a Mossberg but the Remington 870 is close enough. I recommend the following attachments:

- Elzetta Flashlight mount (Also available for a Mossy 500). This flashlight mount is pricey but is fantastic quality and made in the USA. It mounts on the barrel and you can mount it in the perfect position so as to be able to turn on the flashlight with your thumb with your hand on the fore-end (allows you to switch the light on without taking your gun off target). I recommend a very high lumen LED flashlight with a push on/off on the back of the flashlight. I have a 120lumen. This is a weapon in and of itself.

IMHO a light is the most important attachment to put on an HD gun. Don't skimp on quality here.

- Neoprene Buttstock shell holder (holds 5 shells). Plan on replacing this every year or two as they stretch out overtime but they are only ~$10.

- Two-point Allen company sling (High quality and comfortable). This will allow you to sling your gun over your back if necessary.

- I tried the whole side-saddle thing (Mesa tactical) for a little while and to me it added way too much weight to the gun and made it more cumbersome and threw off the balance. I have since removed it and I much prefer a "cleaner" lighter gun. I have also read they can distort the action after many rounds...even more-so on the aluminum Mossberg. I also don't like the fact that it makes the gun harder to clean (cannot oil the receiver where the side-saddle attaches) and I always found when skeet shooting the side saddle would always loosen at the trigger pins. I got sick of it, removed it and haven't looked back.

In a HD situation accurate shot placement with the 6 shells in your mag tube will be most important. In my opinion your adrenaline will be pumping so hard it will be darn near impossible to reload anyway unless you are trained to reload under stressful situations. In this instance I'd much prefer having a second firearm available already loaded such as a 9mm handgun. If the shotgun is your only HD weapon then use a buttstock shell holder. Even better is to buy an extended magazine tube for your gun if you don't already have one.

- Load the right ammo. If you are using for HD make sure it some sort of buckshot. I prefer 16 pellet #1 buckshot Winchester (non low-recoil). I have some old boxes and never see it on store shelves anymore but #00buck is everywhere and a good alternative.

- I have a traditional stock. I don't like pistol grip shotguns but this is personal preference.
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I agree with some points GMFan makes, and especially like the idea of keeping some extra shells on my HD shotgun. One thing I would HIGHLY advocate, though, is abandoning the elastic or neoprene shell holders and getting a screw on one. The price is similar and the ATI holder I got works perfectly with no stretch or wear from keeping it loaded on the weapon.

As a second thought, what are some lights people are running on their shotguns? Would 12ga be any more stressful to a light's longevity than if it were on a 40s&w?
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