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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs I've been doing a lot of reading on this cap and trade deal and the consequences could be astounding. There'll be a lot of money to be made by our good friend from TN who owns Generation Investment Management, which also owns half of the exchanges on which carbon credits will be traded. No conflict of interest there. Nothing to see there. Move along. In addition, you control the carbon credits, and you can have huge control over major economic decisions. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh! Change is scaring me a lot now!
yep, it's all about $$ to him. the local media never touches the subject. Rather, they talk about lost dogs & stuff. It's like watching dancing marshmallows, very fluffy and useless.
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I don't want to give away in proprietary secrets but the Cap and trade is going to be good for energy companies.
Especially the ones who secured the rights to free credits from their congressional masters, in exchange for voting for the bill. Me thinks half the Congress won't read it and 3/4 of the Congress haven't read independent studies of how dramatically this plan will alter our economy in the decades after 2022. You see, the frauds who wrote the bill had to put in a grace period until then. The really tough caps won't go into effect until then. I'm guessing Henry Waxman will be retired by then - why the [censored] should he care.
In addition, we saw what securitizing mortgages and other assets has done for our economy in the last decade. Now we're going to do it with energy? Change looks great, until it arrives.
Since our good friends at GE will secure so much government work and so many contracts under all this new legislation, they'll be able to sell A LOT of their free credits to their competitors and make out like a bandit. I'm sorry folks, but this racket that is evolving in front of our eyes makes the last 8 years look like a church reunion.
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