Moly in Castrol GTX??

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May 27, 2002
Guelph, Ontario
I was checking out the oil analysis document on the site and one thing I noticed in all the analysis with GTX, is that it seems to have a small amount of moly in it. Has anyone else noticed this?

I also saw an oil there called XTX110 or something like that, which has TONS of moly in it! Over 800ppm in one analysis I saw. Who makes this oil?
The oil I think you are referencing is sold by Ultra-Lube, Inc located in Kentucky. It goes by the brand name ULX110 and is a dino oil. Go to, but it is a waste, very poor site.
I was also thinking, if an oil contains a small amount of moly, say 100ppm, wouldn't the long term use of this oil end up with the same amount of moly bonded to your engine, just that it would take more miles to reach this level?

I also noticed something else on that Maxima oil analysis document. There were some analysis of off makes, and the Ford and Honda 5w20 oils are loaded with moly! Could it be that in order to achieve decent wear results, all 5w20 oils contain moly? Johnny, does that Pennzoil 5w20 contain moly? Up here that is the only 5w20 I've seen at Walmart, and it's the same price as Maxlife.
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