Mobil Drive Clean Plus

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Mar 5, 2003
How good of an oil is the Mobil Drive Clean Plus? It is available at Wal-Mart and for a pretty decent price. It has some synthetic in it but I don't know how much. And does it flow good in the wintertime?
Analysis results show quite nicely but these are really well maintained cars. I doubt the Super syn is more than 10% in this formula. 5000 interval max unless you analyze the oil. Haven't seen pumpabilty testing on it from a third party. I would suspect it is average and not much better than other SL/SM oils.
I do know that Drive clean plus 5w-30 pumps 5000 ccs at -30c. This is very good.
One of the reasons I am interested in this oil is because it is a new formulation (it apparently came out in April) and it is supposed to keep an engine nice and clean. It also has some synthetic and Mobil 1 knows a lot about synthetic oil-but it is more affordable then Mobil 1. I know a lot of people here do not like blends but the Valvoline blend appears to be considerably better then the conventional Valvoline judging from UOAs. My guess is that Mobil Drive Clean conventional is probably better then Valvoline conventional and that the Mobil Drive Clean Plus would probably be better then the Valvoline blend. It does not get too cold in this part of Colorado (although I personally have seen -28 F). This is unusual, however. But I do want for an oil to flow well in the cold. If the Mobil Drive Clean Plus is a good oil, I was thinking about using the 5W30 most of the year and the 10W30 in the summer, when it is very hot (100+F). The 10W30 Drive Clean Plus is supposed to be somewhat thicker then regular 10W30 oils.
I don't know if Mobil Drive Clean Plus is a good oil or not, but in Pueblo the stocks of this oil have been cleaned out! I went to Wal-Mart to get some, and there was a single bottle of 10W30 Mobil Drive Clean Plus! All of the 5W30 was gone. I checked a few other places-except for another bottle of 10W30 it was all gone! Either ExxonMobil underestimated demand for this oil, or this oil was be sensational in quality, or people think it is sensational in quality! I could not find a single bottle of 5W30 in six stores!
Also, I became a big fan of Chevron Supreme conventional motor oil after it looked good in VOAs and UOAs at this site and after I tried it in my previous car. However, the Chevron really did not seem to boost performance in my new car like it did in the old car. I still think that Chevron Supreme is a good oil. But the Mobil Drive Clean Plus is a new formulation and as a blend it might be able to beat the Chevron Supreme.
"Either ExxonMobil underestimated demand for this oil, or this oil was be sensational in quality, or people think it is sensational in quality!" Or people mistakenly think they're getting Mobil 1 for ~$2 per quart. [Wink] --- Bror Jace
The main thing is I am just looking for a reasonably priced motor oil that will protect my engine well, keep the engine clean (maybe with help from Auto-RX), and will flow good at fairly low temeratures in the wintertime (say -10 F). In the summertime I need an oil that will flow quickly enough to protect a double overhead cam engine but protect well in 100+ F temperatures. I am not convinced that any conventional motor oil flows all that good in the cold, although some do better then others and the Quaker State Winter Blend is interesting. I don't know about blends but it seems that they would flow somewhat better then the conventional motor oils. From what I have found out some far about the Mobil Drive Clean Plus motor oils, there is apparently good evidence they keep engines clean and reduce wear. The 10W30 Drive Clean Plus is a somewhat thicker 10W30 that would probably protect good at high temperatures, but I would have to make sure that it flows quickly enough. And these oils are blends with some synthetic and I figure Mobil has had over thirty years to work on synthetic oils.
My shaky math says there is little price difference between using a "Hi-Mileage" oil and regular oil with Auto-RX's 2oz maintenance dose. I would rather give Frank the money over big oil.
SHOZ, Thanks for pointing that out (I never would have done the computation)...that is an excellent approach.
Originally posted by Bror Jace: Or people mistakenly think they're getting Mobil 1 for ~$2 per quart. [Wink] --- Bror Jace
Yeah, if it was called Exxon SuperFlo Drive Clean, it'd probably be pretty dusty by now. [Big Grin]
Based on the sheer dipstick ond oil cap observation I found the "Mobil FE" 5w 30 the most cleaning conventional oil. In Turkey -where I live- no Mobil is marketed as Drive Clean and I'm not sure if "FE" is comparable with "Drive Clean", but might be it is. During first 1000 kms after an oil change I used to observe a slight but rather quick darkening. Then very slow gradual darkening till the 5000 km mark. But since I change the oil frequently (usually every 3000 kms) and using some cleaning additives that initial slight darkening wasn't occuring anymore. So I think I get out the all dirt that Mobil can dissolve. Recently I switched to the Shell's cheap synthetic (but eventhough marketed as fully synthetic it is not POA based, it is hydrocracked). This is my first Shell (5w 30 again) but that thing observably made the engine furher cleaner. It darkened at the first 1000 km mark like the Mobil that I poured 4 years ago on a then-dirty engine. I wonder if cleaning will continue on the coming changes but I finally see the metal portions of the oil cap that shine a brown shade again on this '84 V6 GM engine. To make the cap a "whistle" I consider to switch to a POA based synthetic on the coming years. This (fake) synthetic is priced slightly higher than conventional oils. So considering the cleaning properties I'd consider it among the conventionals. [ October 04, 2003, 04:49 AM: Message edited by: ikeepmychevytoo ]
MOBIL Drive Clean Plus: I saw a lot of this oil at all the Auto Zones and Walmarts in Knoxville, and also in Oak Ridge...lots of it! Price: $2.08 Today I went to Autozones and Walmarts to find some Chevron, and finally found 6 quarts of Chevron supreme 10-30 at a Walmart.-)) bought them all.
I saw this at Wal-Mart today and since the 5qt jugs of M1 aren't 18.88 anymore I may look into giving it a try at 6 month intervals (less than 2k miles). I'd really love to see some UOAs on it first though. I'm assuming it's a blend? The big question is how much is REAL synthetic?
goldfinger, an educated guess is that it's mostly a Group I oil with about 10-15% PAO (REAL synthetic) in it. I went to Walmart today and got 4 quarts of Chevron Supreme 5W30. That was all they had. I just couldn't resist. [Wink] -- Bror Jace
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