Mobil 1 0W-40 on sale until 4/9/2003! Only $4.29/quart

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Mar 1, 2003
Fairfield County, CT
My local auto parts store, Auto Barn, has a sale on all grades of Mobil 1: $4.29/quart when you buy 6 quarts. The in-store flyer doesn't list the 0W-40 grade, as they just started carrying it, but when they ring it up at the register, 6 quarts of 0W-40 come up at $4.29 each. Auto Barn has stores throughout Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn (New York). Unfortunately, for those not in the area, their website ( lists it for $5.99/qt (normal in-store price is $4.99/qt), so I'm not sure if they'll match the $4.29/qt in-store sale price, but it can't hurt to try. If you manage to get it for $4.29/qt through the website, use the free shipping code BH493 for free shipping on any order until April 9th. Enjoy, Jason
Originally posted by sprintman: $4.99 quart?? I'd buy 100 quarts if I could get at it at that price!
That's American dollars, mate [LOL!]
Hey Jason, K-Mart's been doing that lately. It seems like they run it for $4 maybe one week out of every six. But no, they don't carry 0W-40 or 0W-30 (in my area). At least it's current stock; the Target in town has a real mixed bag of M1, including one really old blue bottle of pre-TriSyn 10W-30. Oh, and ... [Welcome!] [ March 12, 2003, 11:55 AM: Message edited by: Greg Netzner ]
Geez I guess I am lucky (me? lucky? nah... something has to be wrong). The Wal-Mart here has all grades of M1 for $3.90 everyday. M1 V-Twin oil is about $6 a quart.
Thanks for the welcome, Greg! [Cheers!] I think K-mart near me doesn't have 0W-30 or 0W-40 either. And many of the K-marts near me are closing down [Frown] Intelman34: Wow, $3.90 per quart? That's great! I'm already going crazy with $4.29! Jason (aka Jason 0W-40 elsewhere [Big Grin] )
Hey Jase, Uh oh! Greg sucked you into this oil vortex, eh? Let's wait for another hoily war over at you know where. I'll take on you and Greg. [Dual] [Big Grin] thanks Jae
only one wal mart by me has mobil 1 for 3.60. they dont have 0w-40 though. to bad i get tri syn 0w-40 for free anyways.
Hey Jae, You're on! [Dual] LOL!! What have you decided for your mom's car? Mobil 1 (in the Toyota recommended viscosity, not necessarily 0W-40! [Smile] ) sounds like a good plan. Jason
Originally posted by quadrun1: Mobil 1 (in the Toyota recommended viscosity, not necessarily 0W-40! [Smile] ) sounds like a good plan. Jason
Hey Jase, That sounds like a good plan to me too. My little brother picked this car for her because she's had car problems in the past and wanted the most reliable car possible. [Bang Head] I didn't know either. So, I can't blame him. [I dont know] Thanks for your advice. [Cheers!] Jae
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