MileGuard filter chopped open (rebadged Fram)

Nov 14, 2008
A buddy of mine brought his Mazda 3 over for me to help him change his oil. I pulled this off and it looked like a rebadged Fram so I decided to chop it open. It is a PH3614 and was in use for 5k oci. I really hate Frams but I have to admit I couldn't find anything wrong with this filter. The ADV was still flexible (I didn't check to see if it worked before I opened it), the media was minimal and sloppily folded but was intact. The endcaps were easily pulled away from the media but were still attached. To the left is the cartridge filter I pulled out of my Aura's Ecotec. It's an AC Delco made by Hengst. Now that's a filter!