Michelin LTX A/T2 vs M/S2

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Nov 3, 2009
New England
I'm shopping for tires for my truck and I'm stuck (like many others, based on Google searches) between these two tires. I am aware that the purpose of the two tires is not really the same. I use my truck mainly for daily driving duties. It does minimal highway duty. I currently have LTX A/T tires on the truck now, and am happy with their performance. My dilemma comes with not knowing how the M/S2 tires will look on the truck. I prefer a slightly more aggressive tread pattern visually but since the truck has had A/T's on if for about the last 15 years, I don't even know what it would look like with the highway duty M/S2 tires on it. I do occasionally drive the truck on dirt areas. I would not off-road with it (it's only 2wd) but it gets used on plenty of dirt roads. In addition, it is used to launch and retrieve my boat which weighs about 3200 lbs and, being 2wd, I depend on grip on the boat ramp and I am not sure how the M/S2 compares with the A/T2 in that regard. Just looking for insight on which I should go with. The A/T2 runs about $15 more than the M/S2. Tread life is not an overall issue because basically even the A/T's dry rot before they wear down. I won't consider any non-Michelin tires, so it's between these two.
I've had them (LTX A/T 's) for a little over 2yrs/25k and they have been a great tire. The only thing I have to compare on this truck is the BFG A/T KO's. Much more quiet, and better all-around traction in my opinion. As for the looks, not so good. I think the M/S'2s looks better from a side-wall point of view.
I think it really depends on the use of your truck, and how much you prioritize form over function. I had BFG AT KO tires on my '97 Dodge Dakota (where there when I bought it). And I didn't know how loud and harsh they were until I installed street tires on it (Firestone Firehawk Indy 500). What an incredible difference. I've had the Michelin LTX M/S tires before, on a '95 Nissan truck 4x4. I assure you that these tires are 90% capable of what "most" folks consider "off-roading". You'll have absolutely zero issues with those M/S2 tires. Combine that with the fact that most sizes of the M/S2 have an "A" rating in both traction AND temperature (extremely uncommon for this tire class), I think they're real winners. I'd put them on my Dak, but I only drive that truck a few thousand miles a year, making expensive tires a relatively poor financial decision. If I put 10,000 miles a year on that truck, the M/S2s are exactly what I'd have on it (also a 2WD truck, like yours).
we run a fleet of service trucks and only buy Michelin. I have run both tires mentioned and to be truthful I can find no appreciable difference. But we are NEVER off road.
Ive run both the LTX AT & LTX MS on my jeeps over the years. I like both tires and you cant really go wrong with either. The MS's were slightly quieter on road.
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If you are basing your opinion off of looks, I'd go with the MS2. The AT2 don't look very aggressive when you see them mounted. They are quite tame looking for an AT tire. I do agree though, once you have AT tires, it's tough to back down. They just look better on trucks.
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