MF35 tractor

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Oct 4, 2005
Corunna, Ontario, Canada
I have an old (1962) MF35 tractor, with the Continental gas engine. Hour meter didn't work when I got it, was stopped at 1800 or so hours, got it working now. Engine is tired, but not worn out, makes some blue smoke when first started, but clears up as it heats up. So, what oil do you recommend? Have been using any 15w40 I can get, used some 10w30 that was handy last time, more smoke with the 10w30. I use it mostly for snow removal, cold weather use. Is there an additve I can use to help the rings seal better? Actually, I did a compression test and it was pretty good, close to 140#, which is the spec. Thanks!
Chevron Delo 15W-40 or Castrol RS Super Heavy Duty 15W-40 (or if Esso has an equivalent in Canada) might run some A-RX through it for the rings
My Father In Law has a '68 (I think) MF135 with the 3 cylinder Perkins gas engine. He uses 20 year old Superflo 10w30 in the paper cans and the tractor smokes something awful. If it were me I would run a 15w40 like delo.
I have had a 1959 Massey Ferguson TO-35 tractor since 1989,(35 HP Continental Engine) I only use it in Warmer Months,but I use Mobil 1 15W-50 I know this is over kill,but when I had the valve cover off lately for a normal valve lash adjustment,It was spotless Clean inside! Dont smoke,or use any oil between OCI's I will continue using the Mobil 1.
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