Mazda FL-22 options


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I found this chart interesting, but I cannot seem to locate a date on it, nor any statement of accuracy, so it's validity today may be in question ...
but at least it's a good starting point for comparing/contrasting purposes.

Both Prestone and Zerex offer their Asian Vehicle formulas in red/blue/green colors to match your OEM color, but the actual formulations are pretty much identical other than the dye coloring. Among others, these seem to be more than adequate for the Mazda FL-22 spec.
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Since your flushing I would change to something more readily available. I run G-05 in my old MZ3 for 11 years or so without a single issue. I don’t see any reason why Prestone all makes all models wouldn’t perform well.

At the time our Mazda 5 had coolant changed, the shop was going to first try to remove the thermostat, then run a coolant system power flush machine on it, replace the thermostat, and then use G-05 to fill. However Mazda uses some sort of complex assembly for the thermostat rather than a sensible bauble thermostat. So that was way too much work and cost. I just had them do the straight replacement/drain/fill to blue. So, I guess a change to G-05 is still a possibility in the future when the thermostat dies.