Market Value of an Used BlackBerry Curve

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Aug 30, 2004
Earlier this month, I purchased an used BlackBerry Curve 8310 (AT&T Wireless) from a friend. It's about a year old, has some scratches and is out-of-warranty. I paid $45 for it. Since then, I've added a 2GB MicroSD card ($10), a silicone case ($3) and a screen protector ($1). I've also upgraded the O/S to the latest version.

Today, another friend has expressed interest in purchasing it from me. I want to make a slight profit on this sale. Does anyone know how much this BlackBerry is worth?

How about going to Ebay and seeing what completed auctions went for? I think this is the best way to determine the value of something like this.
I get new Curves for free from my account provider. Although we are a government account with 37 units active so that probably makes a difference :D
yeah, Id look at completed ebay auctions, that is generally a decet first indicator. Don't expect to be made whole though... if you do, then good for you!
I thought those phones were still expensive? I'm looking on eBay right now and they seem to be going for $150-200. I know the Pearl I have has a MSRP of something crazy like $400 (even though I paid much less with the contract)
I'm a windows Mobile 6 kinda guy, but my wife just got a new Blackberry Curve 8330 today and costs it us $0. There is a $100 rebate. Regular sale price was $99 AND when you buy one you get one FREE! This is not the cheaper pearl but the 8330 model. So you won;t be able to make a profit if its a Verizon phone since the price for a new one is so low.
I think it's more valuable if it is unlocked. There are some Blackberry's that have to run on certain carriers. Verizon for example.
Everyone wants to make a profit selling their used electronics equipment. Very few can manage it, especially when they're selling consumer electronics that are obsolete every 6 months.
Was this a "Staying in Business" sale?
Originally Posted By: moribundman
Was this a "Staying in Business" sale?

Yeah, I didn't account for fixed costs and overhead.
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