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Sep 21, 2010
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So was getting some PM done on my shallow water skiff and during oil change found the motor would not crank. This is the second battery to last 2 years and done - two brands and ~$140 DCDP. It is not practical for me to leave anything plugged in … (have a Perko switch) and I don’t do anything that requires deep cycle … so would it make sense to only buy $75 cranking batteries and just plan on two years done?
Living in Texas as some of my relatives do they all expect short battery life for everything they own its just a fact of living in Texas!
I would agree use cheap batteries and expect a 2 year life. Getting in the habit to remove the battery from the boat when not in use and charge it in a cool place may extend life some. At least then when you go to use the boat you have a charged battery.
I agree, the electrons in Texas don't seem to last as long as in the PNW. Has something to do with being closer to the equator, the sun heating the earth's crust as cooler air sinks, turbulence.
Based on another post - N.C. is where a battery likes to live wink
It was DCDP ... I also have an 11/15 dated full blown DCRV … NEVER used and will not take a charge ... Well, that one one is Excide Stowaway … go figure. Conversely … have an Excide commercial (not marine) that has rode as a spare in the front end of my skiff since 5/13 (It’s a flat bottom tunnel and rides like HE double L) That battery has never been charged and tests good almost to the peg. So I just went and got a basic marine starting battery at Walmart … and marked the date on the end where I can see it Thanks all …
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Get a deep cycle battery that has the CCA capacity you need. It will work fine as a starting battery.
True statement and good advice. I had 4 deep cycle batteries in my Silverton Yacht (and no cranking batteries). 2 were for starting the engines. 1 was a house battery and the other started the generator. Not an issue for 5 years (then I sold the yacht).
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