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Oct 27, 2006
Florida, USA
Just read about this for the first time earlier today from the following post in the same Oil Filter Forum:

'12 Fusion using Wix 51068 filter w/Magnefine adap

Searched BITOG for MagnaFilter and found very little.

Is anybody using this?

If so, what conclusions?
I'm the OP.. I have it installed on my 93 Ranger4.0L and now my '12 Fusion 4cyl.

So far I have nothing to report. Oil pressure hasn't changed on the Ranger, it's still where it's supposed to be. I can't tell on the Fusion, but the motor sounds the same and I can now add a larger filter! Although I'll probably end up going back to the stock size 51348.
I run close to 10k OCI using 5w20 MC semi-syn.

Unfortunately I won't be taking the magnefilter apart till about 80k. I was told it's good for 100k. the oil simply splashes over the magnet and the magnet catches the particles.
But when it does come time to replace it, You know I"m gonna keep that magnet!!

I see it like this.. it can ONLY help and Magnafine is a top notch company with a solid reputation here on BITOG. I can't really go wrong..
The Magnefine (not magnafine) filter works well. I installed one on my Vanagon when I rebuilt the transmission and installed an air/atf cooler and removed the OEM engine coolant/atf cooler.

I installed one on my Laverda Motorcycle too, after consulting with Magnefine as to the compatibility of engine oil and the filter element..low pressure high volume oil pump on the Laverda. Works great too.

The filter unscrews at the top..easy to dismantle and inspect. The filter in the image is off my Laverda.

Am using the third one on my 06 Altima. The first two did catch junk on the filter and metal filings on the magnet.
These filters do give some extra protection.
I use four 2" rare earth magnets on my filter with a hose clamp just to keep them in place. When I cut the filter apart I can see the outline of the magnets. Over time the outline of the magnets has gotten less. The stuff caught is as fine as flour and smears black.
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