MAF Cleaner for the Throttle Body ?

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Jan 30, 2007
Clovis, CA
<span style="font-family: 'Verdana'">Do I have to buy separate cans for the MAF and throttle body; or can I go ahead and use the MAF cleaner on the throttle body? </span>
MAF cleaner dries dry, no residue. Most throttle body cleaners have a little bit of lube and leave a film on the throttle and any bushings the butterfly shaft pivots on.
I picked up a small to piece kit at Walmart a few weeks ago. Can't remember how much it was but I thought it was reasonable compared to the auto parts store. Never cleaned the MAF before, but now it idles a little bit smoother.
You could also use magical kisses safely on your TB but it won't get it clean. It depends on how dirty your TB is; and if the MAF solvent will even make a dent. Even among the products labelled TB cleaners, some of the cheaper ones don't have as much cleaning ability as others.
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Too expensive for TB cleaning for my money. As Steve points out, it isn't as strong either.
Yes, at most places, the CRC MAF cleaner (or what some say is the same exact stuff in a differently labelled can, and a few cents less price wise; their QD Electrical Cleaner), is at least 2x the price of CRC's coating safe, Throttle Body Cleaner. wink
You will need to use more MAF cleaner and spend more time if you want to clean a throttle body, but it is possible. I do this because it reduces the number of half empty cans that I have to store.
<span style="font-family: 'Verdana'">Thanks for all your replies fellas. I didn't know there was a chemical difference between MAF cleaner and throttle body cleaner; I thought it was the same stuff. I was trying to get out of buying both cans since the stuff is pricy these days. </span>
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