M1 0w30 vs M1 5w30???

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May 19, 2003
I've got a question for you guys. I'm considering going to M1 and I would like to know if a consensus has been formed as to whether the new 0w30 M1 is better than the 5w30. I've seen all this talk of additive packages, vi improvers, etc and was wondering which one of these perform better (lower wear #'s in UOAs). I'm assuming that they would be interchangebale in most climates. I live in VA and it's never below 20f here in the winter. Thanks!
I've tried both oils and found the 0w-30 to be too volatile for my Honda K20A3 engine. My consumption was 3X higher with it vs M1 5w-30.
Just go with the 10W-30. It holds up better than either the 0W or 5W. It holds its viscosity as good as any oil that have been tested on this board. In VA. you can go with the 10W-30 all year round. I've used it for years in Pa. for years with no problems.
drm7, I used it for an 18 month stretch in a 95 Taurus with the 3.0L Vulcan motor. I used it the first time at 75,125 miles and the last time at 89,500. My average interval was 2875 miles (don't remember why I was changing so often) and I recollect adding 1/2 qt one time during one of the intervals. My engine ran fine...no strange noises, no unusual behavior. The one thing that I wish I could provide you, but cannot, is UOA results.
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