M-1 0w-40 $2/Qt at Autozone!

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Aug 11, 2003
Long Island, NY
Today I stopped in at Autozone for a new headlight bulb and saw 4 cases of M-1 0W-40 sitting in front of a table just as I walked in for $2/qt! I was planning on using TSUV 5w-40, but for this price 0w-40 should be fine (2003 Discovery). The person at the register said they were being discontinued.


I was told they were trying to simplify the choices. Now that Mobil has a new line up of oils, it seems some of the old choices are not being carried/available. I bought 3 more Mobil 1 0w-40 the Europeon Formula. (12 total) I don't see that oil listed on the new Mobil 1 website. Here are the choices:





My local Auto Zone still has $5.49 on the display and when I brought a quart up to the counter for a price it was $5.19.

Two other near by AZs have no Mobil 1 at all.

What are you guys doing to get the discount? Am I missing something?
If they have already cleared the shelves, that means they are getting ready for the new bottles. I found mine in a plastic crate behind the display. They are supposed to give it to their commercial custumers. Just go snoop around and see what you find. If it's behind the display you can probably get it cheap.
Boy, I'm really stocking up!

Today I found 18 bottles of the Havoline full syn 5w-30 and 19 bottles of Mobil-1 0w-30 all for $1 each. I'm going to hit another AZ tomorrow...
I got a line on 12 0w-40s but won't know for a day or two until the mgr gets a new display-o-graph. Kinda different at every store, some have GC on the shelf, some in the rear. I got a lot of 0w-30 M1 and want the 0w-40 to blend it thicker. I have some Havoline Synth 5w-30 too, I thicken that with Delo, 1/3. After the 0w-40 I am done except GC at giveaway price. I have 60+ quarts of GC, 20 of M1, 15 of Havoline synth plus M1 SUV and others. I buy most of my stuff at AZ and why should I not be the one who gets a $ break?

Originally posted by glxpassat:
Boy, I'm really stocking up!

Today I found 18 bottles of the Havoline full syn 5w-30 and 19 bottles of Mobil-1 0w-30 all for $1 each. I'm going to hit another AZ tomorrow...

Wow, that's great Junkie! Yeah, I'm going to another AZ tomorrow as they have a good bit of M1 0w-40 and 0w-30 left on their shelf. The price is just too good to not buy as much as possible. I was hoping to find a clearence on GC, but no luck. I did buy 27 quarts of it while it was $4 though.

Audi J., can you tell any difference in the M1 0w-40 and GC in your Audi? I have the 0w-40 in my 30v right now and it seems to not be as smooth as the GC I tried before. It probably needs a little Delvac 1300 to smooth it out.
Ok, I have a friggin' 100 quarts of oil. Anyone have a problem with that? I used every **** one in the 4-5 cars I service. Now I custom-blend my own. Basicly looking at all GC in my car for the future, I will use the Mobil 0w oil in other's cars, just for winter. I can also milk that Havoline Synth for a long time as a gallon of Delo to blend it is cheap enough. Got it mixed in Mom's V6 12v now and it is nice. I can't say if M1 is less smooth than GC. Every blend I do seems smoother than the last and when I go back to GC I can say more definately. Used a lot of M1 15w-50 and Rotella Synth mixed with Drive Clean 5w-30. I still need that bump of 0w-40 but was too early. 12 more q would solve everything!
Wow, if only AutoZone in Baton Rouge did this..... or maybe it will last until I go back to Katy in March (if they have the $2 M1 0w40!)
From what I was told tonight by the AZ clerk, all 0w oils are being dropped. All of the GC was already gone, but I picked up 14 quarts of SL M1 0w-30, 2 quarts of SJ M1 0w-30 and 6 quarts of SM M1 0w-40 for $40. That comes to about $1.66 per quart.
I checked at our local AZ for M1 on clearance. The clerk said they were going to clearance their M1, but they were told to hold off a little while.

Their Ow40 was in the old style bottle, but they had the new style "curvy bottles" and the new packaging in other grades as well.
I checked in 5 Auto-Zones today, and none of them had any M1 0w40 at all. I didn't check our local Az as we went out of town today.
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