Lucas Injector Cleaner in My Small Engines

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Sep 19, 2008
Thought I would share an observation......For some years, I have always run about a 5 ml dose of Lucas Injector Cleaner (the thick oily stuff)per gallon of gas that I use in my small equipment. These include an Echo blower, an Echo edger, a Snapper lawn mower, a hedge trimmer and a 28 year old snowblower with an 8 HP Tecumseh engine. I use mid-grade gasoline with ethanol and an appropriate 2 cycle oil as required for the blower and trimmer. ALl the engines have their original carbs and none have ever been rebuilt.

I have seen some of these items go almost a year without starting (the edger particularly) and I never have any real trouble starting them. I am wondering if this is because the Lucas leaves a nice oily, non-polymerizable coating on all the carb parts? So far, in over 7-8 years, it seems to have worked quite well for me.
Boomer, it's hard to say. It certainly doesn't seem to be hurting anything. I use the stuff you are talking about, Lucas UCL, about every other or every third tankful in my OPE (and occasionally in my cars). This stuff and MMO as well.

OneEye, you use Red Line Oil All-Sport all the time in 4-stroke OPE?
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