lubro moly MOS2 oil

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Mar 19, 2004
saw this oil in a local shop today. its made by lubro moly and its a semi synthetic that contains m0s2 ( says so on the bottle )and it costs around $5 a liter. any feedback on this oil?
My personal feelings on this product are that it is overpriced. It is a 'leichtlauf' product (light duty) and is a synthetic blend. That I know of it comes only in a 10W-40 viscosity. The addition of MoS2 is not a plus in my book. There are better barrier lubricants on the market that are more soluble and less likely to settle out of suspension. I don't know where you're located but in my marketing area $5.00 will buy a very good full synthetic product and for just over half that amount I can get a great synthetic blend (Schaeffer's). I believe that Liqui-Moly (Lubromoly in some areas) makes a very good product. I just don't feel that this is one of their best.
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