Lubegard gray film

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Jul 21, 2005
Chino Hills, CA
Hey guys I just dumped in a bottle of Lubegard Red in my 99 GMC Sierra with a 4L60E, but at the bottom of the bottle I noticed this gray film/residue. Is this normal, or did someone use up the bottle and then throw their old tranny fluid in it? It smelled like ATF and appeared red, the seal seemed OK, but not super tight when I took it off. Or, is that just the additives settling? Thanks.
Lubegard red has a silver foil across the opening under the cap. I also noticed some gray brown on the bottom inside of the bottle. When I add my magnefine, I'm gonna get another quart of atf+4. I'm gonna pour it in the Lubegard bottle and shake vigorously, then top off the tranny.
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