Looking for good A/S tires for the 13 Sonata P205/65R16

I'm not sure what people are comparing to the RT43's in terms of price & performance...
Douglas, Mastercraft, Nangkang, Cooper, Dunlop, StarFire, Westlake, Milestar, what ??? other private label tires???

I already compared them to the Michelin X-Tour A/S T+H that are $98.25 per tire to Costo members in OP’s size, which is


Today’s Tire Rack price for RT-43 is $111.99 per tire.

Ergo the Michelins are not only a better tire, they are also considerably cheaper than the RT-43.
I have 20,000 miles now on a set of Cooper Evolution Tour tires on my Equinox. Just checked them this morning, and all four are at 5/32 tread depth. They need to get down to 2/32 before the 65,000 mile mark in order to put in for a warranty adjustment. I could see maybe getting another 10,000 miles out of them. With the "new normal" commute these days that could easily be another year and a half. In the before times, that would have been maybe 7-8 months.

My car before this was a 2011 Sonata. I replaced the OEM Kumho tires at 32,000 miles with Michelin Primacy all-seasons. The Michelins were still on the car when I traded it in at 72,000 miles and the used car appraiser at the time commented that the tires looked brand new. The Michelins were OK, nothing special. No better or worse than the OEM Kumho tires. Aside from great tread wear, they were not worth the premium paid for them compared to something like a Goodyear Assurance or Yokohama Avid.

Incidentally, when I bought my Equinox new in 2015 it had OEM Michelin Latitude Tour tires. They went 42,000 miles and were nothing special either (hard riding, noisy, poor wet weather performance.) The replacement set of Coopers were 1/2 the price of another set of Michelins (which also have a 65,000 mile warranty.)

Been there, done that with General Altimax RT tires. Never again regardless of any supposed improvements or enhancements.
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The Michelin Cross Climate2 is popular and gets really good reviews especially for snow and is 3PMSF rated. Many of the All Weather tires are good. None will beat a true winter tire in the harsh conditions/ice.

I put the Pirelli P7 plus 2 on the Accord. They are MUCH quieter the Goodyear WeatherReady it came with. I'll be using the GY this winter to try them on the Accord as they have a LOT of tread left. If I don't like them, I'll get new snows and sell these.
I HIGHLY recommend the Michelin CrossClimate! We will be putting a pair on the 14.5 and I have about 30K on my set on the Hybrid. They have been incredible. Lots of stability when you need it.