Looking for an all purpose grease, why the heck are there so many types of grease I'm lost.

alu and li greases have been recommended, exercise caution when replacing these.

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I used to use Red n Tacky, but got tired of it separating out and making a mess in the summer. Switched to Lucas Xtra HD green polyurea and John Deere SD green polyurea and no more separation problems, even here in south Alabama in the summer. These two polyureas are shear-stable so they mix easily with lithium based greases so that’s not an issue. I use these for everything now and it makes life much simpler and easier. And no more separation/runout! 👍

This is my first post. I have been a lurker for a while off and on when I have an oil related question. Usually I find what I am looking for by searching, but it seems like in this particular case I cannot find any info on what I'm looking for. I have always used either Lucas red or Lucas HD green grease depending on what is available at the time. Turns out, green is thickened with polyurea and red n tacky is thickened with lithium and they are not mixable. I know I have some mixed, so I need to purge out what I have in everything. I would like to go with 1 grease for everything if possible. That will avoid any issues down the road. I was going to switch everything over to Lucas HD green as it is rated for chassis and bearings, but while looking on their website I see they also make a HD mining and construction grease that is thickened with lithium which makes it more compatible with most other greases if they are ever out, and the specs on the mining grease look very good. I don't know anything about grease, but the Timken load numbers, drop point and 4 ball numbers are really good, and it has some moly in it, so it should be good for chassis stuff.

The things I grease are:

2002 Chevy 2500 HD front end, drive shafts, u joints
3500# trailer axle wheel bearings
1972 chevy k2500 front end, wheel bearings and u joints
1969 camaro front end, wheel bearings and u joints
Simplicity zero turn spindle bearings and frame pivot points

I am sure any quality GC-LB grease will work, but if I am going to buy something and go through the trouble of greasing my stuff I would like to get the best protection possible, who wouldn't right? I know alot of people don't like lucas products, for how they advertise (snake oil type products), or that they just aren't that great depending on the products. I haven't saw anything bad about their greases. Has anyone looked into the HD mining and construction grease? Or what grease are you using that provides good protection and will do chassis and bearings.

From my own experience Schaeffer makes excellent products. I have used them & others for many years. I get the best results from Schaeffer. There is no universal grease, there are just to many applications for that to be true. Never mix one grease with another unless you know for sure what type it is. If you mix 2 greases together that are not campatable you will shorten the life of the part drastically. There are compatability charts that are available on line that are very easy to understand.
Lucas Red N Tacky started to separate a year or so after I bought it. Also, it turns a runny black color in short order in u joints.

I can't attest to either of these things' actual negative effect on the grease's performance, but it's enough to scare me away.

Spicer makes a u joint grease I've been meaning to order.
Schaeffer 238 #2 is awsome for u joints,front ends & many construction equipment applications, It is not recommended for use in wheel bearings. I guess it's safe to say a lot of greases can't be used in all applications. no matter what lubricant you choose it is a good idea to research the product of choice with the related techinal data sheets. The information therein answers almost all concerns pertaining to its ability of the product to do the intended job. Certain lubricants just perform better than others even when the other will work.