Local Wal Mart doesn't carry Valvoline anymore

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My Super Wally carrys some MaxLife product for oil, but nothing else No oil from Valvoline, either. I can't find VSOT ANYwhere around No. Va.. Pep, AZ, AA, three NAPA's and a chain called Fairfax Auto Parts, a Car Quest, and an Olympus Auto parts. Zip. Zilch. In Charlottesville I checked with a store called Federated. Never heard of it either. At all these places, no VSOT. Not just sold out, they don't even have it on the labels on the empty spots on the shelves. Asked at a couple of places, but no one's even heard of it.

A holy grail this VSOT, and my quest is ended. My Mobil 1 0W-40 will just have to soldier on without assistance.
valvoline must have got tired of reducing the price that wallyworld pays them by 5% a year. that is the standard wal-mart business practice. that is why so many products at wal mart only stay there for a few years.
Valv products are still at my WallyWorld. Maxlife ATF was the only one that sticks in my mind since it sits in the HDEO section which is right near where they have the close out items. We have one section of just oil (one side) with additives and "mechanics in a can" opposite. On the other side of the main oil section is the HDEO, ATF, hydraulic, ..and all the MC oils
..as well as sparkplugs. Right in front of the sparkplugs is where they sit dicontinued/close out items.
The Walmarts I go to in my area has most Valvoline brands they make but do not carry the Synpower synthetic any longer.I used to buy my Synpower there but have to go to autozone now,thats ok though. Just a guess,they may be pushing the Mobilline of oil more.
How about VSOT, Gary?

Apparently PepBoys has it in my area. I had to go about 25 miles to find it at AZ in the past. I would grab about 4 bottles and a few quarts of GC and BC while I was there.
Feel safe in purchasing Quaker State, Penzoil or Valvoline because they are the same company and all use Pensilvania grade crude ( light and waxy) in their conventional oils.
Feel safe in purchasing Quaker State, Penzoil or Valvoline because they are the same company and all use Pensilvania grade crude ( light and waxy) in their conventional oils.


When did Valvoline become a piece of Shell/Pennzoil? I know Quaker State & Wolf's Head are.
"Feel safe in purchasing Quaker State, Penzoil or Valvoline because they are the same company and all use Pensilvania grade crude ( light and waxy) in their conventional oils. "

That statement is incorrect on two different subjects in one sentance.

Valvoline is Asland, QS and PZ are Shell and Nothinhg is made of pure Pensyvania crude anymore. And the term for waxy comes from the Paraffinic basestocks.
definition of paraffinic oils here.

More from Quaker State on the subject.

There are two basic types of crude oil, naphthenic and paraffinic. Most conventional engine lubricating oils today are made from paraffinic crude oil. Paraffinic crude oil is recognized for its ability to resist thinning and thickening with temperature, as well as its lubricating properties and resistance to oxidation (sludge forming tendencies). In the refining process, the paraffinic crude oil is broken down into many different products. One of the products is wax, and others are gasoline, kerosene, lubricating oils, asphalt, etc. Virtually every oil marketer uses paraffinic base stocks in blending its engine oil products.

" Many people believe the term paraffinic to be synonymous with wax. Some have the misconception that paraffinic oils will coat the engine with a wax film that can result in engine deposits. This is not true. The confusion exists because paraffinic molecules can form wax crystals at low temperatures. In lubricating oils, this wax is removed in a refining process called dewaxing. Wax is a premium product obtained from crude oil, and in order to ensure that we produce the highest quality base stocks available, Quaker State® removes the maximum amount of wax possible during the refining process. The end result is a motor oil product formulated with premium lubricating base oil ."
Sorry about the Valvoline mix-up, I'll be more careful in the future. However Qukerstate packaging and some advertising state that it is made with Pensylvania grade crude oil. This crude has a very high parafin (wax) content. So much so that it started the original Vaseline product, which was rod wax. I just watched this on A&E so most likely it is probably true. I also believe it was in Readers Digest last year as well. I never meant to infer that Q.S. branded products were in any way inferior to any other. I meant to say that they offer a few different lubricating oil options under different brand names.
The wax in the crude is more valuable as other products than left to casue cold weather thickening in motor oil. Hydrotreating the base stock removes much of the contaminant. A group III oil can still be called a paraffin oil if thats its molecular chain even after severe hydrotreating and cracking although for practical purposes the wax is completely removed the molecular structure of a paraffin is supposedly retained although this grp III oil has a very low amount of impurities making the molecules similar in size and having traits that are similar to a true synthetic.

Please someone interject if I am too far off but that is how I understand the term Paraffinic being used for an oil despite the amount of refining it undergoes. It has the parrafinic trairts that made it an attractive raw material.
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