Lifetime oil filter-I got tired of looking

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Jul 19, 2004
Long Island/New York
I wanted to try one of those lifetime oil filters(PurePower/Trufilter)and I have not found any facts that they are worth the extra money.Cleaning would not be a problem because you could get two filters and install a new one now and clean used later.Not one person I could find has run these filters and got great test results.Any oil filter that you buy at a parts store including a Fram would do a much better job.There are many companies that make these filters and I can't see how they stay in business.Joe
I remembered the sintered(?)bronze filters that were in the J.C.Whitney catalog in the fifties. They were for by-pass filters which all/most cars had then. They were lifetime.
I know someone on this forum had one at one time (several years ago)...had good luck with it on a Cummins.

They are a pleated, fine stainless steel mesh; not sintered bronze.

I think they would be the ticket if you were running a bypass filter in conjunction.
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