Life goes on

Mar 12, 2015
In the shop
Good Evening BITOGERS smile Life got out of control from me for a while hence me not being here. I have tons of filters to cut and post. I will say alcohol, stress and deadbeat, "users" friend types did a number on me. Today made another wonderful platelet donation and on top of that i dropped another 37.5 lbs. Happy Saturday folks
'53 - I have always meant to ask; do you have a Studebaker or is there something else to your "handle"?
Filters and oil are just silly diversions. Take care of yourself and reach out if you need an ear. We're here for you. Congrats on the weight loss.
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Hope you're back on track. You'll be watching those NHL Penguins in no time.
Thanks and don't know when NHL will resume
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Good to see you 53'
Yes indeed welcome back and hope everything is good.
Very, very glad you are back Capt... Take care of yourself one day at a time. People can really be something else... I know that too from my own experiences.
I've no idea if this applies to you: Years ago there were unavoidable, horrible people in my life. They indeed were a drag and brought me down. A friend told me, "Don't get involved with their insanity". Since then I've concluded that these are words to live by.