Layering chain lubes

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Dec 14, 2002
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Curious if anyone layers their chain lube. An example would be to put an oil on the chain to seep into the moving parts and tight gaps, then spray on Amsoil HDMP. This would be compared to using one or the other.

Another thought was to use a start-up biased oil, like castrol start-up 10w-30. Soak the chain in this oil, and heat it to equilibrium at 200F or so... This should allow a good adsorption of the surface protection that is designed in engines to protect at cold starts - which would be the equivalent of a chain rubbing cold. THen potentially top it with a wet or dry lube.

I hate that cold start wear my bicycle chains have been suffering since I was a little boy. You just may have found the solution to my plight! Maybe you could add a little ARX when you give your bicycle chain a temperature-controlled oil bath. I'm sure it won't hurt a thing. Develop a test protocol, run a series of tests, and file a report!
Gee thanks.

For those who might actually have an opinion of value on this, I look at it this way: if there is something worthwhile as a low-temp AW add, the key is to get it stably on the surface in what would be an equilibrium concentration. An oil that is sold with the basis of having these low-temp AW adds would be the best bet. It seems that many lube their chain with motor oil, or motor oil cut in mineral spirits... but Id imagine that time and temperature would allow good impregnation via flow and changes in surface chemistry.

Ive heard the recommendations of heating in a waxy concoction, to allow that to seep into the small parts of the chain and leave behind a coating... and Ive heard pros and cons of it. Has anyone tried immersion into motor oil as a means of chain lube?
Also, on this topic, Ive seen that some folks seem to be advocating using gun CLPs, like breakfree as chain lubes. Anyone on here using those as a chain lube?
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Gee thanks.

I thought you were kidding, so I posted a jocular reply. I now see I was mistaken. Good luck finding help!
Maybe you should consider wearing thermal underwear under your spandex outfit.
I've been using FP-10 gun oil for mine. Mostly because I have a good amount of it laying around.

It's a good cleaner as well as lube so it is nice for this and penetrates very well. Contains EP and AW. Don't have a lot of miles on it though.

I have some HDMP but haven't used it on a chain. Mostly use it on woodworking equipment and seems to work well. If you have some Eezox you might want to give that a try as it is ester based, but I wouldn't use it on an O-ring chain.
I would have to guess the layering would not work .If you are going through the effort to remove the chain and heat it up try cleaning the chain in solvent and with a double boiler melt parrafin wax and put the chain into the melted wax cooking it for a good 20 minutes being careful not to overheat the wax which could catch on fire . This why the recommended double boiler setup . The chain will take a few miles to get all the wax on the outside of the chain to fall off but the chain will stay clean and the wax lube will last a long time . I did the wax thing for many years when i was into biking hard core ,now I use any dry lube I can find . I do not like oily dirty chains.
Ive read that. The thing with the wax is that there is no real AW adds. My interest is to "set up" the surface with a functional coating of AW adds, prior to applying a waxy or other coating...
A while back, I posted what works for me. Bel-Ray motorcycle ultra clean chain lube. Followed by GT-85. It makes a clean and effective lube.

The Bel-Ray is simply Zinc with a carrier. It has no oil.
The GT-85 is a thin oil with carrier.
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Ive read that. The thing with the wax is that there is no real AW adds. My interest is to "set up" the surface with a functional coating of AW adds, prior to applying a waxy or other coating...

Sounds like a good idea. Do hypoid dif oils have more additives than engine oil?
Are you finding that your chains are wearing fast or do you have an expensive cog set that you want to keep using for a long time?
I assume you know that a "stretched" chain will wear cogs much quicker than a new chain so its not really worth keeping a chain for too many years.
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