Laboratory Analysis of MMO


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Jun 5, 2002
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While not a PCMO or HDD Oil, here is the latest analysis:

Marvel Mystery Oil - Analysis by University lab

(Any element with 2 ppm or lower is not reported)

Phos - 631 ppm

Use: Anti-wear

– 60 ppm

USE: Buffer and weak detergent.

Viscosity – 2.3 cSt@100C, 7.9 cSt@40C

Comment: One very LV liquid! Due to light fraction Hydrocarbon Content.

Flash Point – 143F
TBN – 0.3
Glycol – 0.63
Oxidation – 10


Naphthenic Hydrocarbons
Use: Oil Carrier and weak Solvent

Mineral Spirits
Use: A Medium Solvent

Chlorinated Hydrocarbons of orthodichlorobenzene
Use: Strong solvent and decarbonizer
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My dad's favorite engine brew back in the 80's.

Thanks for sharing, Mola'
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Thanks for sharing, did you have this performed?

I had nine grad students in three groups using various instrumentation do analyses as part of their course work.

BTW, the paraffinic hydrocarbons were C11-C14, n-alkanes, normally denoted as "dearomatized kerosene."
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Thanks for posting MK!
i use mmo in the gas of everything lawnmowers , cars , trucks everything.
I use it in the oil in extreme cold before an oil change it worked well for me since the mid 70's
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Low flashpoint.

With that mix of solvents I would expect it to be.
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what's your professional opinion of this stuff Mola?

1) Probably a decent fuel system cleaner,
2) and flush for adding to oil just before changing it. This is assuming of course you have evidence of, or suspect a dirty engine.

Since it has a very low viscosity, I certainly wouldn't leave it in the engine oil as it might thin it down to much, especially if your oil is already a XW20 weight oil.

When the oils were low detergent oils such as SB through SF, it might have helped.

Modern oils have such high detergency I doubt you really need to use this in concert with an engine oil.

As for fuel systems, the more modern Redline SI-1 and Techron should take care of any fuel system and upper engine area cleaning.
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Originally Posted By: spasm3
Low flashpoint.

yes, its supposed to burn off gradually as it cleans

Exactly and as I've been saying for a long time, keep an eye on your oil level if you use it. Also for those afraid of any thinning effects it might have, clean your engine during the winter months, and/or bump up a grade. Keep the interval short, you're cleaning an engine, and most important, if your engine is clean, don't clean it!!

Visit the UOA section and check out the UOA's for the impact of MMO added to oil.

Resident shill- over and out.
Originally Posted By: demarpaint
most important, if your engine is clean, don't clean it!!

Exactly right. No engine needs a maintenance dose of any additive in the oil to stay clean with the modern oils today.
If there is an issue identify it properly then possibly consider something. Additives have their place but knowing when to use them and what has the best chance achieving a positive result is the trick.
It is the chlorinated species (ortho-dichloro benzene and isomers) that really made MMO a useful additive in engines when leaded gas was around. It supplemented the dibromoethane used as a lead scavenger in the engine and kept the engines clean.

Lead oxide was formed (a white powder) and the halogen compounds reacted with this oxide to produce lead bromide and chloride which was voltile and went out the tailpipe. In the air , it reacted with water to form hydrochloric/hydrobromic acid and various lead acids and oxides.