Kumho ECSTA HP4 716 vs. Mich. MXVP Plus

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May 12, 2003
Did a search already and not much along these tire lines. This is for a 02 Accord. Don't really drive the Accord much, wifes car, but everything I've been reading about indicates that the Kumho are a lot better than the OEM Mich. Any thoughts on the Kumho tires? I've never even heard of them but the 124 per tire for Mich. is a bit steep.
Kumho Tires are great tires for the price...but be sure to check the treadwear... I don't know about there touring tires but there Sports tires wear out fast.
I have the Kumho 716's on my 1997 Accord for almost 2 years now, approx. 35K miles.

My first inpression when I had these installed was that I couldn't believe how good they were considering the price. Even taking price out the equation I'd put these tires against any 'touring' tire out there.

They are wearing well, are quiet, and ride nice. It looks like I'll get around 45K to 50K out of these. They are a bit softer than the stock Michelins. But, sometimes that's a good thing.

Go for it!
Just put a set of 716 HP4s on my forester. I've read good things about them. Another tire I considered was a Falken 512. The Falken has a better tread wear rating but a softer side wall and the Kumho is an H rated tire. Both good choises I think. I had Michelin Xones and they were excellent and lasted very long ~60,000 miles. Ed
I have the 716's on my Grand Prix and like them a lot
. Good on dry, wet & snow. Also quiet. Will be putting them on my SE-R soon
I have just placed the 716s on my third car (3 different sets of the tires) and I am very pleased with the tires. The price from tire rack is so much lower then a dealer though. Had to replace one due to hitting a boulder in the road and local dealer sold the tire for $71 including tax. No mounting cost as wheel was damaged so tire cost only, Tire Rack was $52 which included shipping to me door. Huge differential in price.

Great tire, especially for the price. Michilins are great tires but oh so very very overpriced. I also like Yokohamas.
Can't imagine tires which are worse than the OEM MXV4+. To me, they were just plain pathetic. And considering their price, I can't see who in their right mind would buy them. I wouldn't want them for free. Definitely give Kumho a try.
Thanks for the advice. The thing that worries most about giving up Mich. tires is that they have been without a doubt, the best tires I've ever owned. I mean, they never leaked, never got flat and always went way beyond their warranty miles. But at 130 a piece, I can get two sets of Kumho's. But, there is still that little nagging voice inside my head that says "don't mess with success." Regardless, I'm going to heed ya'lls words on the Kumho's and give them a try.
Heh... I guess our definition of 'success' is very different. I'd call my experience with those Michelins a failure.

Whether a tire leaks or gets flat depends on what you run over, regardless whether it's Michelin, Kumho, Goodyear, Dunlop, or anything else. Air leaks can also be caused by bent rims or bad valve stems - again, nothing to do with the tire itself.

From what you're describing, it looks like long treadlife is way more important to you than performance. If that's the case, look for tire with very high treadwear index. It's not a perfect science, but generally, the higher the treadwear index, the longer the treadlife. Also have a look at Michelin HydroEdge with 90K mile warranty (760 treadwear index), although it's only T-rated for speed if that matters.
I bought a set of the Kumho HP4 716's in June 2003. I replaced some cheap Douglass tires from Wally World and it felt like I had traded cars!

They are quiet, smooth, and haven't let me down in any wet/dry/snow conditions. I paid around $62 a tire and they were well worth it! Don't look half bad either.
716's are nice tires.

sidewall is def. softer so the handling isn't as spot on, but the other aspects such as traction (wet/dry/snow), treadwear, etc... are all great compared the the mxv4.

when the mxv4's were new, they were great in the snow, but really SUCKED in the wet and i would always get wheelspin. that was reduced with the 716's.

a nice tire to get for noise and comfort would be avon brand (made in japan - sold at NTB). the absolute most quiet tire i have ever used. the traction is fine for summer use, but i'd reccomend a dedicated snow tire for anything else (since it never snowed when i had them).
Just to let you know, I went ahead and took the plunge and ordered the Kumho 716's from tirerack.com
Ordered on Monday, and they were sitting by my door Wednesday afternoon. 44 bucks a piece plus 40 shipping, 216 total. Can barely touch two tires for that here locally. Cost exactly 40 bucks to have them mounted and balanced. So, for less than 260, I got brand spanking new rubber with a 50K warranty all the way around the Accord. I noticed they were a lot more comfortable right off the bat. The wife drove through a rain storm this week and she said she immeadiately noticed a difference.
I tell you, the survey result section at tirerack was pretty helpful as the brothers here too. They cost a #ell of a lot less than Michelins. I could just about get two sets of Kumho's for one set of them. So far they have been good. Now, we do a lot of highway driving, rougly 100 miles a day, so I don't know how they would stand up on a curvy road. But, everytime I look at them on the Honda in the garage, I just smile and think of all the money I've saved. Try 'em, you'll like 'em.
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