kreen in the cylinders

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Jul 1, 2009
Dallas, TX
I've read about the procedure to use about 1 oz of kreen in each of the cylinders overnight. Question - what is the easiest way to actually get 1 oz of kreen in each cylinder? Pouring it in is possible but could be messy/imprecise on the rear of a v6. I have a plastic ear cleaning syringe that could work. Any other ideas?
Will be near impossible with the unfriendly metal can. Go to a store and get something that comes in a glass bottle with a twist cap. I re-use a Heinz white vinegar bottle. Plastic bottle not recommended.
In hardware stores, you'll find something called a Zoom Spout Oiler. It's a probably 6oz. plastic bottle of oil with a telescoping plastic tube that pulls out to get oil to hard to reach places. Bring it home, dump and save the oil that comes in it, replace with Kreen and go for it.
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Do they sell Kreen in any of Arizona"s auto stores?
No, this product needs too be ordered.
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