Kia Soul recall issued recently

Dec 10, 2014
Friend of mine recently received recall notice for 2016 Soul with 1.6 L engine and 36,000 mi. that involves a programming update in reference to potential connecting rod bearing knock issues so that the check engine light will come on if this issue starts to occur. Assuming regular engine oil/filter and air filter changes, what would be the likely cause for this issue. I've always associated connecting rod and main bearings knocking as a result of long service and or poor maintenance such as lack of oil changes or air filter changes.
Anyone have any experience with this issue on a Kia vehicle?
The update may change the load on the parts by altering spark advance, and/or maybe fuel trim or something else. Done to prevent an excess load on the engine under certain conditions. Exhibit 101 of why many auto makers wanna do away with 87 octane and have a new high octane standard.
Here's what I could find.

Screenshot 2021-05-01 212240.jpg