K&N HP-1010 opened up

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Sep 6, 2013
5,000 miles +/- 100

Mag1 0w-20 used.

Looked good to me, the flash on my phone tends to make things look more harsh, but you can still tell that it looks good. Will continue to use.





Man that one makes the filter look tiny. My hands are huge.

What do you all think?
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Originally Posted By: Poohbah
Didn't these used to be made in the U.S.?

Yes, Champion Labs, who is highly regarded.

I am the tech director at FRAM Filtration. Until recently, K+N oil filters were made in our Albion, IL factory. They have transferred production to a Korean company and are no longer made in USA or made by FRAM or Champion Labs. The filter efficiency has been reduced from the mid 90's% range down to mid 80 percent range in our testing. They now have lower efficiency, lower capacity and a lower cost that they are not passing along to end users. Not trying to sound like sour grapes that we lost this customer but they are not making the filter as good as it used to be.

I would consider off-shoring your product and lowering the quality of the product while maintaining the same shelf price to be inherently bad.
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If I were going to spend $12 on an oil filter, I'd rather get the Mobil 1 instead.
the K&N is built strong, but not really worth the money.
It's only 5k, not impressed. That is way too much money for a cheap Mexican filter. Unfortunately, Mahle seems to have done the same with many of its filters

The older American K&N's could probably do twice that.

For the price, and often even less than that, there are MUCH better, still-US-made, filters, like Purolator Synthetic (which doesn't tear), Bosch D+, M1, Fram Ultra, and Wix XP/Napa Platinum.
Originally Posted By: 901Memphis
Solid filter but now outsourced with reduced media efficiency and no price reductions to match.

Yeah, I wouldn't say it's a bad filter yet, just not the best idea for long OCI. Oh well, there's another one in my car today. We'll see what looks best next time I need an oil change. Although I think I may bring it to the dealer at 30k (next interval) because they perform things I'm not capable of doing at 15k intervals.
I also had a uoa with a made in USA K&N and wasn't impressed with the insolubles rating. I will follow up with a new uoa since I have the FU on for comparison.
Originally Posted By: EricF
If I were going to spend $12 on an oil filter, I'd rather get the Mobil 1 instead.

I'd get a NAPA Platinum.
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