Jeep 2.5 and 4.0 Owners What you using

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Aug 7, 2004
Just thought I would see what most of my fellow Jeepers are using in their jeep Location: Illinois Year: 1999 Model: Wrangler Engine: 2.5L 4 cyl Miles: 58,000 Oil: M1 T&SUV 5w40 OCI:6 months or 8k Oil Filter: Oversized Pure 1, Napa gold, or Super Tech
Location: Alabama Year: 1990 Model: Cherokee Engine: 4.0L 6 cyl Miles: 103,000 Oil: Delo 15W-40 OCI: 6 months or 6,000 miles Oil Filter: Purolator Premium
Illinois 2001 G. Cherokee 4.0 I6 84k Trop artic or Pennz 10w30 2k (lots of short trips) wix 51085 or AA total grip aa16
I ran 10w-30's @ fram PH8A's [Eek!] for 3K OCI's on my 1994 cherokee 4.0L and 1997 wrangler 2.5L. That was my pre BITOG days! [Wink] Joel
Location: Mass. Year: 1994 Model: Grand Cherokee Engine: 4.0L 6 cyl Miles: 148,000 Oil: Exxon Superflow 10/30 and 6 oz. of LP60 OCI: Every 3 months regardless of mileage Oil Filter: Baldwin
Location: Mn. Year: 1995 Model: Grand Cherokee Engine: 4.0L 6 cyl Miles: 121,000 Oil:Mobil 1 5w-30 OCI: every 6 months (3000 miles) Oil Filter: Purolator Premium plus
Location: Iowa Year: 1996 Model: Cherokee Engine: 4.0 Miles: ~165,000 Oil: Amsoil 10W40 Filter: Baldwin OCI: Between 7,000 and 10,000 miles Type of driving: 85% highway, 15% city
I lived in Lindenhurst IL (west of Waukegan) when I had my bought new 95 JGC 4.0. I ran Mobil 1 10w30 for the 176,000 miles I owned it and my son-in-law now has 198,000 on it. Fram oil filter. Never a valve cover off or any problems except rear main seal replaces at 102,000 miles. With the new 5w40? SUV/truck oil out I'd probably use that.
Location: Minnesota Year: 1988 Model: Cherokee Engine: 4.0L 6 cyl Miles: 83,500 Oil: Citgo Synthetic 5w30/10w30 (winter/summer) OCI: every 4000+ miles Oil Filter: Purolator Pure 1 or Wix (or Wix Clone Napa Gold)
Location: Sturbridge, Ma Year: 1992 (mostly) Model: Wrangler YJ Engine: 2.5L 4 cyl 150cid Trans: Muncie SM420 w/7.05:1 first gear TCase: NP231HD 1/2ton Dodge by JB Conversions Axles: lockers front/rear Tires: 35" Mickey Thompson Baja Claws Miles: 38,000 on motor out of '95 YJ Oil: Castrol GTX 5W30 winter, Chevron Delo SAE30 and Delo 15W40 (the Delo 15W40 kicks butt). I also like SuperTech oils (XOM up here). OCI: It depends on how much I wheel. 90% trail rig/10% street. With my new Delo stash, probably 3-4K+ miles [Cool] The Delo really IS that good. Oil Filter: Motorcraft FL300, SuperTech ST43(non-ecore stash), or Purolator 14670
Loc: Northern Cheezeland Yr: 85. Model: Cherokee. Eng: 2.5, Ax-5. Miles: 132,000. Oil: 10w30 Castrol GTX, 5w30 Mob 1, 5w30 Super Tech, now T/A 5w30. OCI: 3 to 4k, Have done 2 AutoRx's. Oil Filter: Fram TG, now Quaker State. My winter highway beater!
Location: Outer Banks Year: 1999 Model: Cherokee Engine: 4.0 Miles: 97K Oil: Havoline 10W30 OCI:5K Oil Filter: ST8A Year: 2004 Model: Grand Cherokee Engine: 4.7 V8 Miles: 13.5K Oil: Bulk Mobil 5W30 (dealer) OCI:3K Oil Filter: Mopar 5281090
Location: Ohio Year: 1994 Model: Cherokee Engine: 4.0 Miles: 158,000 Oil: M1 T&SUV 5w40 OCI:6 months Oil Filter:Purolator Premium plus
Location:Windsor,Ontario (sin city north) Years:1999 XJ & 2001 TJ Both:4.0L 115,000 miles on XJ...62,000 miles on TJ Oil:0W-40 Esso XD-3 Extra every 4 months or roughly 8,000km(5,000 miles)OCI Napa Gold 1515 oversize or Baldwin B2
Location: Southeast PA Years: 99 & 02 Models: TJ Engines: 4.0 & 2.5 respectively Miles: 107k & 53k Oil: RTS OCI: 6 months (around 9-10k) & still working on it Oil filter: Mainly PureOne
Location: NC Year: 1990 Model: Comanche Pioneer Engine: 4.0 Miles: 161,109 Oil: Castrol HM 5W30 or Havoline HM 10W30 OCI: 6 months Oil Filter: Purolator
2001 XJ 81k miles 4.0, AW4, D30, 8.25, 231 soon to be a 242, now featuring Teraflex rear discs :-), currently wearing 4 studded snows, BFG TA KOs during summer. I have used GC, AFL, ATM, T&SUV, and Pennsoil in the past. 12.5k miles on the T&SUV with a long commute. I recently got a job 1.5 miles from home, and I'm actually going to be moving closer this summer, I still don't know what I'll do. Probably RTS at 3k OCIs year round. GC is in it currently with a purolator Pure-One filter.
Location: Arkansas Year: 1998 Model: Cherokee Sport Engine: 4.0 Miles: 103800 Oil: Amsoil 10W40 OCI: 10K/1 year Oil Filter: Amsoil SDF 15 every 5K/6 months I have an oil change coming up and I'll be trying one of the new EAO filters without the filter change halfway through the OCI.
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