James Garner died

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May 27, 2002
Far North East Texas
I just heard it on the radio- James Garner died at age 86. Maverick, lotsa good movies, Rockford Files, & through it all seems to have been a genuinely good & decent man. By all reports he was a heckuva driver too.

One of the greats and a favorite of mine. His role in The Great Escape was memorable.
RIP Mr Garner and thanks for the entertainment.
Always seemed like a regular guy. I don't think I can remember anything he was in that wasn't good.

His portrayal of the CEO in Barbarians at the Gate was outstanding. I keep watching to see when TCM might play "The Wheeler Dealers" - it's an underrated comedy with Garner in the starring role and several great supporting actors.
That's too bad. Seems like he certainly had a productive and memorable life as an actor though.
It always pains me to see the older generation disappear. I've always been one to hang on to the good things of the past....and James Garner was one of them.
I was definitely saddened when I heard the Mr Garner had passed. I really enjoyed the movies and shows he was in and him being a car guy too helped! RIP sir.
RIP. Few have an automotive stunt named after their character-- and he did his own stunts.
He'll never be replaced by anyone that is better.

A true loss, considering what passes for 'talent' anymore.
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