Isuzu TB50-LS (A750E), Mobil 3309 alternatives?

Hi guys,

I have a 2016 Isuzu D-Max 3.0L Diesel with a 5 Speed Automatic (AW TB50-LS). I saw that this is the exact same transmission as the A750E used in some Toyota trucks. From the posts in BITOG, those use the Toyota Type-IV ATF, however newer models without the dipstick now use Toyota ATF WS which is "lifetime fluid". Also read that the T-IV fluid is interchangeable with Mobil 3309.

My manual states I need Mobil 3309 ATF but the problem is, Isuzu dealers here price it absurdly high for semi-synthetic ATF.

Would you recommend I use Toyota T-IV ATF instead for my truck? This is assuming that Mobil 3309 = T-IV. The shops around here have also recommended Aisin AFW VI, which is compatible with JWS 3309/T-IV as listed. Aisin AFW VI is priced the same as T-IV but is fully synthetic.

By the way, I keep seeing JWS 3309, is it the same as Mobil 3309?


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JWS 3309 = aisin spec. Mobil 3309 = toyota dealer T-IV.
If Mobil 3309 = T-IV, then can I use fluids that are compatible with or supercede T-IV? Fully synthetics such as Aisin AFW VI, Castrol Transmax Multivehicle? These are all priced the same as T-IV where I'm at. Sadly, no Valvoline Maxlife here.
T-IV would be the proper fluid. Use the generic fluids at your own risk. Many have with no issue. I used Red Line D4 in a T-IV application and the shift quality was noticeably worse and did not get better until replaced with T-IV.

If Aisin makes a fluid that they claim is suitable for use for T-IV, I would trust that.

To my knowledge, Toyota has never approved the use of WS in vehicles where T-IV was originally specified.