Is this a good deal on Goodyear Wrangler MT-R's?

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Aug 20, 2003
I am in need of a new set of mud tires for my 4x4 pickup and went shopping for a set today. My local Goodyear dealer wants $600 plus tax for a set of p255/70/r16 wrangler mt-r tires which includes mounting and balancing. The guy said that he would throw in 3-5K rotations to sweeten the deal. The guy said that it was an odd size and he needed to move the tires out of his warehouse. Is $600 a good deal for these tires?
Just looked at TireRack and they want 164 per tire. Sounds like a great deal to me installed. [Cheers!]
Outrun, I know he can put a "P" rated tire on his truck,heck,it probably came with a "P" rated tire. He is looking at a mud-terrain tire and IMO he would be better off to put an "LT" rated tire on his truck unless he is doing it only for looks. If his truck is actually going to see off-road use,then a Light Truck tire will withstand the abuse better.
Be careful on tires that have been sitting on the shelf. The feds have been debating on putting BORN ON DATING on tires because even without use, tires will breakdown within 6 years or so.
Tires do have dates on them but the average customer won't know what to make of them. Look for the DOT marking and there will be a XXXX code stamped into the tire close to it. The first 2 digits are the week, the second two are the year. If it has letters, or only 3 digits, RUN! [Smile] Steve
Thanks for all the replies. The tires will br going on a 1999 Ford Ranger. I use it for hunting, fishing, hauling off the trash etc. I may put 3000 miles on it a year. The truck came with p245/75r16 tires and I chose p255/70r16 so I would have a wider tire but would keep the same diameter so as not to interfere with my speedometer. This is the first set of tires that I will pay to be put on it. It came with Firestome Wilderness AT tires. I received notice from Ford that they would replace the tires and I received a set of BFG Long Trail tires for free. I think that the set of Goodyears are about a year old. I am leaving now to get the tires.
by far the best deal going is from AAFES, but you have to be in the military to buy stuff from them. I saved abut $50 per tire and no sales tax when i bought my MT-Rs at a Navy base. Do you have any friends that are in the military? They are really good tires.
Tom I have a cousin that is active duty in the Air Force. I remember back when I was active duty Shopping at AAFES. It was great not having to pay any sales tax. I will try and remember that next time I want a set of tires.
So did you get the MT/R's buzzsaw? A lot of the guys on the Toyota boards have had trouble with them not staying round, and there always seems to be a balance problem with them...
I did get the tires Friday morning. So far I really like them. I have only driven them approx. 30 miles so far.
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