Is sending something USPS really this lengthy?

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" ... I have a Customs Broker for imports from the US, so when I use th ..." ... when I use the Broker it's USPS Domestic to the broker's US warehouse (typically 5 days), they carry it across the border and re-send it to me Purolaotor Air (1 day, cost is up to $C 20 [$US 15] depending on size / weight. Since a USPS Flat Rate Box is $US 50 and three weeks, and many packages are larger / more expensive than that, it's much cheaper as well as faster that way, even including brokerage fees.


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Originally Posted by aquariuscsm
I know when I buy records (lps and 45s) from Asia it gets to the states really fast,but then sits in US customs forever.
In my case tracking the package it appeared to sit in customs for five days before being cleared to the next distribution center. I don't get packages from overseas very often and this is the first one I have ever tracked from overseas. I can't imagine how much mail/packages are jammed up there at JFK to take this long.