is all diesel fuel now b5?


Chicago suburbs
Still nothing here in Virginia, no diesel pumps says anything about biodiesel.
I called the local Sunoco gas station and they said there is not any biodiesel in their diesel, but guy could just be ignorant.
A station in Gloucester used to advertise they had b20, but a few years ago dropped it, and when I called said they have no biodiesel in their diesel, but again, they could be dummies. I was told the reason b20 was dropped is people did not want to pay extra for the 'privilege'

It's quite possible that the service station attendants you talked to don't actually know any more than you, just whatever "they" tell them.

Biodiesel blends up to B5 are covered by ASTM D975 and therefore are expected to meet the same ASTM test requirements as B0 (flash point, D90 distillation temperature, cetane, lubricity, water & sediment content, etc., but not necessarily storage stability). Anything up to B5 is not required to be explicitly labeled as biodiesel.