inner tie rod replacement

Mar 18, 2008
When replacing the inner tie rods, is it necessary to hold the rack shaft from rotation as you loosen the rod? Or is it stabilized enough to hold itself? Ive seen videos on line of guys just loosening the rod but then other written instrctions appear to show holding the rack shaft as well?
I'm sure it varies by application but in many cases you couldn't hold the rack shaft if you wanted to -- you can barely get in there with the inner tie rod tool.
Thats kind of what I was thinking, I looked during an oil change and I might be able to get an open end wrench in there but it would be hit or miss on whether it lined up on a hex correctly.
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My service manual shows wrench flats on the steering rack shaft; however, in reality there are no wrench flats. I went ahead and turned the inner tie rods against the rack because I had no choice. You can't exactly put vise grips on a polished rack shaft. The rack held up fine.
I probably did 50 or so, always just put the tool on there and turn..I don't know if it's different now.