Infiniti Dealership stupidity

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Jan 9, 2009
A 2003 g35 coupe came into the shop and did an oil change, transmission service and differential fluid change. We used M1 5w30 in the crankcase, J matic in the tranny and M1 75w90 in the rear end.

Same customer goes to the dealer a month later, and the dealer recommends servicing the tranny and diff. Customer said he had already got it done and produces an invoice. Dealer says we used the wrong fluid in the rear, that is calls for 80w90 only and we used 75w90 and it will cause problems and mess up his warranty. The dealer claims we used 75w90 because we didnt have 80w90 and that it was cheaper to use what we used rather than what they specify.

Keep in mind they spec conventional 80w90, and we put in a higher quality syn fluid.

Customer comes in and accuses us of putting [censored] fluid that does not meet specs for his car. DEMANDS we put in what Infinti wants.

So we drain out the syn lube with 500kms in it, and replace it with Esso 80w90 gl5 from a 60L drum. That makes him happy.

Some people take the dealer service advisors word like the word of god, and never take the time to question/research whats really going on. Of course, some competitors have to make the OTHER GUY look bad to keep business in their own shop.

The kicker, Infiniti charges more for a conventional lube diff. service, than we do for a syn lube diff service.

Send him to BITOG so he can learn what winter ratings mean!

I wouldn't call it dealership stupidity, I'd call it customer stupidity and dealership deception (or possible ignorance). The dealership just took advantage of the guy, which is expected. It is unfortunate that it cost your shop time and wasted good oil.
Yeah, but the service at Infinity dealer is "the service at Infinity dealer" and is priced accordingly, just like service at Acura is more expensive than at Honda for exactly the same services. People are oblivious to these things because they drive a luxury brand.
A 6 year old Infiniti is still under warranty? I'm surprised. If he has any warranty left, it ain't much. Not like a diff service is going to mean anything WRT his warranty.

Yeah, customer stupidity combined with dealer arrogance/ignorance. Nasty.
Originally Posted By: silverrat
Some people take the dealer service advisors word like the word of god,

Well, if the manufacturer's warranty is at stake, then unfortunately dealer is g0d. It doesn't really matter if there is something better out there. It only matters that it matches what the owner's manual requires.

Don't blame the owner. Blame the dealer.
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