If you Haven't Researched Castrol Global Sites Lately...

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Jul 2, 2003
Guys, if you haven't been to Castrol Deutschland or Castrol Sverige (Sweden) lately, you should. Take a look at the specs for RS 0W-40 (D) (they have improved them) and especially Edge (S) 0W-40. Castrol is decidedly NOT resting on current formulations but is pressing on with some REALLY GOOD STUFF! One thing you will notice with the new generation oils (even the long drain oils) (I saw this with ELF as well) is that the TBN is a lot lower than you may be used to; either it depletes slower or with the new low SAPS applications you don't need as high a starting TBN.
I noticed that Formula SLX is still listed on the UK website along with Longtec and the newer EDGE oils, so I think the green is still being made. I bet the German's are wanting something a little thicker to cut down on consumption, hence the 0w-40.
As long as it is original SLX, you are right glx..., it is probably The Green.
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