If the World only had 4 Motor Oils....

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Jan 11, 2006
Clovis, CA
After reading the wealth of information posted by all the members of this board over the last several months; I have compiled a list of oils that I believe would fit the bill for all cars and light trucks on the planet. I don't expect you guys to agree with my selection, but let me know what you think of this list: 1. Motorcraft 5W-20 synthetic blend for Ford & Honda. 2. Castrol 5W-30 conventional for breaking in new engines except Ford & Honda. 3. German Castrol 0W-30 for all gasoline engines after break-in except Ford & Honda. 4. Chevron Delo 15W-40 for all diesel trucks and worn out gasoline engines. I have omitted 10W-30 because I think GC could take its place. What do you guys think? Write up your own list, but you can only choose 4 oils. [Smile]
1. Amsoil 0w30 (Racing) 2. German Castrol 0w30 (Most cars on the road) 3. Chevron 5w30 (Those who like dino & breaking in) 4. Chevron Delo 15w40 (Old engines & diesel trucks) Personal preference here... never used 5w20. [Big Grin]
No way, man, the GC 0w-30 is thicker at 0 degF than M1 5w-20, as I saw for myself. Don't forget that winter, cold starts scrape the he** out of metal inside your engine. Thinner gets there quicker. GC 0w-30 should only be used in the summer.
1. Mobil1 0w-20 (winter oil) 2. Mobil1 5w-30 EP (ACEA A5/B5 -- can't beat it) 3. water 4. water Thats all anybody anywhere needs, and if you live south of Arkansas, skip the 0w-20.
1) RL 5w-40 (For racing only) 2) Havoline 5w-20 (For all 5w20 applications running OEM drain intervals) 3) Havoline 5w-30 (For all 5w30 applications running OEM drain intervals) 4) Chevron Delo 400 15w-40 (For all Diesel Pickups running OEM drain intervals)
Michael Wan, Most racers I've seen don't use a 40 weight oil because it slows them done. The engine is trying to push the high viscosity and consumes power doing it. Most I've seen use 20 weight oil to race. I guess there are some that are willing to give up a few horsepower for engine life, though, so you're not totally wrong there.
The reason I started this thread is because I think a lot of these oils are over lapping each other. For example: OriginHacker21: You chose Amsoil 0W-30 and GC 0W-30. Don't you think they could take each others place? ColdCranker: You left out the needs of Ford and Honda as well as diesel engines. Caravan95: Do you really think the world could get by with just two oils; 5W-30 and 10W-30? There is such a huge array oils on the market; but I'm trying to get you guys to narrow it down to survival kit if you will. [Smile]
1)0w-30 German Castrol 2)5w-40 Schaeffers Supreme 9000 3)5&10w-30 Castrol Syntec Blend 4)10w-40 Hondaline ATV 1)GC rules 2)diesel,diesel,diesel 3)my break-in oil before GC use and OEM intervals during warantee period.(OF course I wouldn't use GC in a GF-4 SM spec application) [Roll Eyes] 4)oil bathe clutches, have used rotella 5w-40 before 5w for spring and fall 10w for summer 0w for winter My Fords have Powerstrokes, and I don't have a Honda, at least not an automobile. 20w is NA for me. I think in a pinch GC could be used for any application on the planet!
ABULL4U: Nice post! I found it particularly interesting that you chose 5W-40 over 15W-40 for diesels; why? Shannow: Thanks for having my back. [Smile]
How about two? Chevron 5w30 for winter applications, Chevron Delo 10w30 for summer applications. 15w40 for "worn out" engines? Nah it's works great in just broken in ones too.
1.Amsoil 5w40 - the most universal of oils, with stellar UOA's if you need a 5W 2.Amsoil 15w40 - the MOST universal of oils, thoroughly proven and flows cold better than a dino 5W-10W-XX 3.Amsoil 10w30 ATM 3.(tie) Amsoil 5w30 ASL if you need a 5W-30
Originally posted by ColdCranker: 2. Mobil1 5w-30 EP (ACEA A5/B5 -- can't beat it)
[I dont know] Dunno about that, I personally would rather use an A3 rated oil over an A5 rated oil.
GoldenRod I've been using 5w-40 Heavy Duty Engine Oils during the winter in my 2002 Powerstroke and my farm equipment that sees daily service. Cold start-ups are much much easier on both. My best example is a New Holland 7740SLE tractor which is used daily and has no engine heater. I have started this machine down to -1 degree below Farenheit with absolutely no problem(was with Rotella syn during DEC 2004). Equipment that sees random service during winter months I use 15w-40 year round to save money. ABULL4U
Havoline 5W-30 Chevron 15W-40 (Delo) Havoline 10W-30 Amsoil 10W-30 (for those who want extended drain intervals) BTW I use a mix of Delo 400 and Havoline 10W-30 in the summer. Usually 1 to 1 1/2 quarts Delo and 3 quarts Havoline. Seems to work well and I plan to have a UOA towards the end of summer.
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