I guess I trust Israel more than China

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
Was wondering through A-Zone looking for a fuel filter for my old pickup. They had the Luberfiner brand but the filter for my truck was made in China. Went to Kragen and their filter for my truck was a Fram and was made in Israel. I dunno. The Chinese filter was probly ok but I'm thinking that since I see dust in Israel on tv that maybe they know how to make a filter better than China?
It's not where it's made, it's what specification they are built to and QC controls they have in place. Who cares who is physically doing the work and on what continent. I have some really poorly "Made in USA" products and some really great "Made in China" products... ;\) Don't judge where it's made, but who makes it and what standards it is made to! \:\!
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