I found my 3.5 liter Ecoboost oil...Chevron Delo 5W40 CK4

Originally Posted by Navi
That was a 1990s vintage Toyota. 21 years later Ford and GM can only imagine such durability.
Today's Toyota would fall in the same category.
The light duty F150/1500 series trucks are a different animal than the F250+/2500+ series. Those higher models are the exception and are actually pretty reliable.
There are a select few cars GM and Ford get right. i.e. F250, Silverado 2500, Ford Escape Hybrid old style boxy type, Ford Crown Vic, etc. However 1500/F150 light duty isnt one of thhe good models...
Navi -- you've found a great oil for that EcoBoost. That XSP is truly modern HD oil. :)