How to remove tree pitch safely?

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Mar 5, 2007
Bremerton, WA
While parked under a tree I got some tree pitch on my truck. What should I use to remove it without damaging the paint? Thanks, Griz95
I'd try one of the "Bug and Tar Removers" first. It's designed not to damage paint or clearcoat. Maybe some WD-40 on a micro-fiber cloth? Either way, I'd follow it up with a good wash and a quick coat of wax when you're done.
Denatured alcohol is the solvent in your bug and sap removing products. If you have a can of lacquer thinner around DO NOT USE IT except to Q-tip it directly on the sap itself. Lacquer thinner will eat paint. Kira
Don't try wd 40. my old neighbor actualy drew from Ice road truckers tried it and wrecked his paint. made it crack.
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A good sacrificial layer of wax so it doesnt stick as much in the first place. But after those treatments you can aldo have at it with a claybsr
Might be over kill but I always use a little paint rubbing compound. I typically wax my cars often which makes it a lot easier to remove tree sap (in my experience).
Isopropyl Alcohol would be my first step, followed by a solvent such as Tarminator. FWIW, I've also removed tree sap using ONR diluted to the wash solution level.
It might sound strange but try hand sanitizer and spit on a microfiber cloth with some elbow grease. It works.
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